Irish in her donated wheelchair.


Diane holding three month old Louise, who has a bilateral cleft lip and palate.


Diane explaining to Mico's mother that he should have something between his knees to keep his legs from crossing.


Diane showing Nino Angelo's mother how to stretch his thighs to lessen the scissoring of his legs.


Luis and Gal Daniel sharing the musical toy.

Mico drinking from a cup.

1. Marvic standing beside his Mom and smiling.
2. Marvic looking at the mirror.

John Paul with his flash cards at the SPED class in Alangnilan.

Jillian drawing at the SPED class.

Gian outside his SPED classroom for the hearing impaired.

Luis walking toward nurse Lea near his home.

Nino Jay before and after cleft lip surgery.


Bryan, a cerebral palsy patient, is delighted to be able to walk to school with a walker.


     Jovane, who is deaf and his sister who is helping him learn sign language.


Diane and Lea on way to SPED classroom.